Sunday, June 28, 2009

Passion for Fibre and Flora

I know this blog is to be a rant about fibres and my fibre friends, but I must do a little rant about my other passion "flowers" and my flower garden. Oh yes I have included my fibre friends too! :) Saturday afternoon was the bestest time to be sitting on the deck knitting and basking in the sun. Looking down on my flowers I decided I must preserve this scene for later, possibly a small pictorial quilt. So a snapping I went. Only my photos truly do not do my clematis justice. But have a peak anyway!
Dahlia's, simply lush and brilliant.
Fred had just watered everything so they were sparkling with water drops.
In a matter of days I will have a couple dozen
long stem roses, oohh anticipation.
Grapevines soon to completely cover the railings on the deck. They grow I am sure a foot a day, but so nice for us to have a seasonal enclosure to the deck. Oh yes I must not forget my Fred flower :) who enjoys the flora as much as I do!When I was just finishing up I turned around to see my fibre friends absorbing the flora too! Good fibre friend Bad fibre friend. Not sure if she was trying to bury my angel or what. I do know that she loves the smell of soil. Soooo grrrr she creates little pockets to snorfle in the flower bed, puts her snoot in and lays there and just snuffs in the musty soily(?) air. I do think there should be a rule like there is with cars. White dogs show the dirt especially when they lie on the pile they shot through the air (Just a thought before you buy one). She looked like she was having a facial her nose a complete mud mask.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wild Wild Kayak Trip

Fred and I went on a 5 day kayak trip to the Kananskis Country. It is located in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta. The only water our Kayaks saw was rain, but we had a wonderful trip in spite of the weather. On our wild adventure we saw a grizzly bear, 4 moose, elk, deer and more deer and more deer, mountain goats, mountain sheep and several coyotes. Seeing all the beautiful fauna and flora definitely made our trip. It was quiet in the mountains as summer holidays had not started yet, so very few campers. Very quiet andrelaxing and peaceful. Oh ya did I mention cold too! We were able to view the lakes from the shore and it will be a place we return to kayak sometime. There is an upper and lower lake that both wind into the mountains with incredible views and scenery.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What the heck have I been up too?

I knitted this messenger bag from Iceland wool and roving
Icord handle then washing machine felted it. Size finished
is 14"by 12"
Another bowl knitted and washing machine felted. Purse knitted with yarn I hand painted, then washing machine felted. Butterfly applique on cotton weaving. There was some warp left on my rigid heddle loom so I used a ball of cotton varigated yarn. Once appliqued and sewing machine embellished I used this piece of embellished weaving and made a market bag with it. This butterfly piece was machine stitched and then I painted the butterflies with metallic luminere paint., Fashioned a hand purse from the square piece of painted, embellished and quilted fabric. This was the quilt I made in April at the quilting retreat I posted previously about. I never showed it then as I hadn't taken a picture of it. I completed it all that weekend :) Made from a batik jelly pack.
Wide scarf I wove on my 16" rigid heddle loom
I used two heddles for the first time trying to make
a pattern other than basket weave.
More Mug Hugs :)

International Knitting in Public Day

Now do these ladies not look happy? You bet they are! Anytime, any one of them has fibre between their fingers you will see true happiness. It was just a small group of 4 who met at Riverside park for that spectacular event of knitting in public. I believe the meaning of this special event is to expose knitting to those who have not found their true happiness, since they have not been introduced to fibre and needles. We thought we might have many people ask us what we were up to or what we were creating. But in all we drew zero attention to this fine art. We did have a couple fibre friendly hours knitting in the park together. I guess I would be thrilled to do it again some day and it wouldn't even have to be June the 13th. The only visitor we did have was this curious little tent caterpillar that was slinking its way up one of the knitters yarn. :)