Monday, April 27, 2009

Quilting Retreat 2009

How I spent My Weekend

I have now twice had the fortunate occasion to spend my weekend at a quilting retreat in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan.

I call this little expedition my tiny taste of heaven! You will find below the group of angels that make up my tiny taste of heaven featured and their work. I want to thank them all for being such a great group to spend time with. Also mentioning great halo wearing talented quilters that were busy creating along with us, but I missed getting photos of their gifted works. They are:

Bonnie, Cathy S, Shelly, Sherry, Rose, Kim, Marg, Lynn and Brenda.

For the talent featured below you can click on an image and the picture will enlarge for a close up view of each piece. So scroll along and enjoy! :)

I spent my weekend hanging out with a group of thread catchers!
It was allot of fun. If you want to see a picture of them once they were kissed by Genny, check out the end of this post :)

Janice, Janice go Janice!

Listening to her radio and wrinkle free you could find Janice butting up squares and completing UFOs. Wow Janice. She is pictured below with her Random Log Cabin quilt and chillaxing. Love your quilts.

Genny's Grandmother'Quilt
This is the one quilt that had the aaahhh factor for me this weekend. She has it almost completed, totally handsewen over the past three years. Wow. Most of her w/e was working on miniscule little squares that she is 50% done at 85 squares complete. OMG
Team Suzanne and Ruth
See them partner up to produce a positively stunning set of squares. Sewing and pressing simultaneously. We are envious of your pressing partner Suzanne.
Queen Liz
Royalty was at the retreat.Creating one of the friendly frogs (or was it really prince charming ???) and a nicely styled cutting matt carrier.
Kathy's Safari
An eye catching quilt was pieced by Kathy of "it's a jungle out there" animals, as she said "a stash user upper" Very Nice!
Judy Giggles
Had the pedal to the metal freemotion quilting fun Noah's Ark Quilts for an expectant mom of twin girls.
Quiet Judy
There are some that seem to accomplish so much, for they can work with such focus. Judy worked diligently all weekend and produced an excellant ?Laurel Birch Christmas wallhanging and a gorgeous appliqued horses head.
Smiling Doreen
Doreen was Soaring as she worked on a disappearing nine patch set on point. It gives this quilt its unique look and a challenge to piece together!
Edie's Sweeties Co Retreat Leader Edie is appreciated for her time and inspirations she puts towards making our retreat a success. From putting together projects, making gifts and transporting her kitchen, thanks and hugs to you. Her talent is an inspiration as seen below with the beginnings of her Bargello quilt and her own design Quilt she is making for their bed in beautiful blues.
Josie's Cozies She is tiny but when it comes to quilting Josie does nothing small. Here is her Bargello that she cut & pressed and cut & pressed then stitched for one of her Grandchildren.
Co Retreat Leader Karen
Well it just wouldn't be the w/e if it wasn't for our organizer Karen. I would like to call her our Cheif Consultant, as many sought her input in their projects! In between follow up with administration, fellow retreaters and project coordinating she did manage to work on her projects. Shown here is her wonderfully vibrant disappearing nine patch, and a kids raffle quilt. From all of us we thank you!
Charity Quilt
Maureen's Treats Maureen spent her time making flying geese squares for a Celtic Mystery quilt she is working on with an online group. Taking a break from birds and points she created some festive runners and placemats.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Fibre Arts Eco Challenge March 2009
For the month of March I had challenged all Fibre Arts Members to an Eco Challenge. They were to create, reuse, or rejuvenate some fibre that would be positive for our eco system.
Thea B. created a wonderful winter wallhanging made from recycled plastic bags. Do click on the photo for a detailed view.

Phyllis N wove a fabulous bath mat created with recycled cotton fabric strips and cotton warp for her bathroom.

Susan S created a really fun scarf made from all her warp ends left over from weaving her tea towels.

Peggy M created a market bag made from remnants of a shower curtain that she had cut for a bathroom window. The market bag folds nicely into a attached pouch. Her photo also sports a pot scrubber crocheted with netting.

My eco challenge was made from a 100% wool cardigan, recycled by washing machine felting, then cutting, sewing and embellishing the fabric into bag, scarf, headband and fingerless gloves.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roving Felted Deco Bags

The February Fibre Arts Social, was an attempt at felting wool roving to Tulle gift bags. Everyone was given opportunity to choose a bag, various colors of roving and we wet felted the roving to the bags as best we could. From there the challenge was to take your bag home and embellish it and return it at the next meeting to be displayed. These are the bags completed for the March 31 meeting.

Sue S

Carol O

Agnes F

Phyllis N.

Celia L

Tara S