Thursday, October 15, 2009

Many Projects on the Go

Well I am having some fun dyeing yarn in the crockpot.
Today I tried Kool-aide.
I see by the color I finished with, I could have had more green.  I used orange, fruit punch and lemon lime.
But it definitely absorbs the color and holds it.

Also busy weaving on my rigid heddle at home.  I am using 100% wool and plan to felt the yardage after
and sew bags and or laptop slip cases with it.
Heres crossing my fingers that it felts nicely.

My online yahoo group is doing a slice quilt.  It will be of a city street.  I have almost completed my
piece.  I am now thread embellishing it, with lines on the canopy,
borders around the windows, and
pictures of the cafe on the store front windows. 
It will be so interesting to see as it all comes together.
We are to have them in the mail tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Artisan Fair at the Esplanade

An absolutely fantastic gathering on Saturday
of talented artists
from Medicine Hat and Area.
Funded by Alberta Arts Foundation and
organized locally, this artisan fair
brought together multi-talented persons all
under one roof!
The main lobby hosted musical delights such as the
M.A.S.S. instruments band from California.
Absolutely the largest electric harp I will probably ever
have the delight of listening to in my lifetime.
The 2nd floor lobby, as well as outdoors along
the front of the Esplanade hosted tables of art
and wonderful eye candy to enjoy.

The Studio was set up with a variety of artists displaying
and selling their works.
The pictures below are of the table I shared with a fibre
friend Celia Lehr.

I had an absolutely wonderful afternoon.
Not so much in selling my creations, but in
the fun of opening the visitors eyes to the
wonderful wonders of fibre arts and
catching up with friends in their latest happenings.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids Camp At Fibre Arts

Well I think that the photos of the campers explains it all! There was allot of learning and trying new techniques with fabulous fun fibres. The kids were very talented and such a great group to have for a week of fibre fun. Photos are from the 12 -16 year old age group as this is the group I joined in with. The morning had another talented group of 6-12 year olds. Thank you goes to wonderful members of the Fibre Arts of Medicine Hat who volunteered their time to organize, share and teach a great group of kids. Things the campers learnt were weaving, finger knitting, dyeing, stamping, beading, painting, embroidery, felting, and sooooo much more.

Looking forward to Fibre Arts Kids Camp 2010 :)

Where Fibres Meet Studio

My new little studio :)
August 1 I began renting a little studio space
one block from my home.
It is soooo exciting!
Set up time took just over a week and since then
I have been popping in as frequently as I can to
create my fibre art.
Here are some pictures I have taken circling the entire studio.
Currently I have allot of items in the works!
I am working on putting together samples for a group
that want an organized art night twice a month. For this group
I have a felted knitting sample, a hand felted sample, some silk painting and dyeing
with embellishing. .
Then there is another group that I would like to teach how to knit, using hand painted
merino wool. I have ordered all the yarn and am waiting daily for it to arrive.
Along with the group work I have some knitting, some weaving, a slice quilt and more
filling my calendar.
Wish you all could come visit me there like many have already :)
There is nothing like MY SPACE To CREATE

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fibre Fun

My clematis just gets better every day :) Going back a couple months I had put up an Eco Challenge
to my local fibre arts group.
Here was Agne's piece. She made this sooo cool bag
from video tape woven with cotton.
Davida made this bag with Eco fabric and embellished it. The name was lunch in a bag. The inside of the bag had bug fabric.
More Mug Hugs
It doesn't seem like much, but my little mug hugs continue to have buyers
even though it is summer. Made some brighter ones as I
have to say batiks are my favorite cotton medium to work with!
Starting one week ago I began an upside down applique
online class through Quilt University, with Susan Brittingham.
The technique is simple, I probably could have used it
many times in my previous creations.
For me there is nothing more motivating than a class :)
The fabric I chose to use.
Here is the picture to be appliqued on the underside.
And here I have begun the appliquing process.
All pieces are single stitched in place and I will
begin free motion satin stitching the pieces next.