Thursday, October 15, 2009

Many Projects on the Go

Well I am having some fun dyeing yarn in the crockpot.
Today I tried Kool-aide.
I see by the color I finished with, I could have had more green.  I used orange, fruit punch and lemon lime.
But it definitely absorbs the color and holds it.

Also busy weaving on my rigid heddle at home.  I am using 100% wool and plan to felt the yardage after
and sew bags and or laptop slip cases with it.
Heres crossing my fingers that it felts nicely.

My online yahoo group is doing a slice quilt.  It will be of a city street.  I have almost completed my
piece.  I am now thread embellishing it, with lines on the canopy,
borders around the windows, and
pictures of the cafe on the store front windows. 
It will be so interesting to see as it all comes together.
We are to have them in the mail tomorrow.