Monday, July 6, 2009

Fibre Fun

My clematis just gets better every day :) Going back a couple months I had put up an Eco Challenge
to my local fibre arts group.
Here was Agne's piece. She made this sooo cool bag
from video tape woven with cotton.
Davida made this bag with Eco fabric and embellished it. The name was lunch in a bag. The inside of the bag had bug fabric.
More Mug Hugs
It doesn't seem like much, but my little mug hugs continue to have buyers
even though it is summer. Made some brighter ones as I
have to say batiks are my favorite cotton medium to work with!
Starting one week ago I began an upside down applique
online class through Quilt University, with Susan Brittingham.
The technique is simple, I probably could have used it
many times in my previous creations.
For me there is nothing more motivating than a class :)
The fabric I chose to use.
Here is the picture to be appliqued on the underside.
And here I have begun the appliquing process.
All pieces are single stitched in place and I will
begin free motion satin stitching the pieces next.