Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fresh off the Camera

Trying out the rigid heddle loom with
pick up sticks.  These sticks are woven in the 
back behind the heddle and at certain times
in the weaving you flip them up and they form a pattern.  I think it is working out pretty cool.  I am trying this  as a sample and weaving with 100% cotton very loosely just so I can see the pattern.  Gives it kind of a lacy look. I think it will pull up when I take it off the loom and wash it.  The cotton will soften and pull in.

Shadow Trapunto

Well this is what I had fun working on today. I used purple wool instead of using the usual quilt batting that is off white and placed over a dark fabric.  I guess mine is a reverse shadow trapunto.  Fred and Cody thought I quilted a turtle.  But as most would know this is a feather quilting design. This was just a trial run.  Definitely has potential for use with fibre arts and incorporating other mediums with this method. Would frame a photo really nicely.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memories of Maui

Where you will find the most beautiful sunsets on earth!
All of the photos were taken by myself an amateur in photography, with a $200 Kodak digital camera.  When you have the perfect scenery/medium I guess just about anyone is capable of capturing it.  But you must meet Maui to experience the beauty, even photos are not the real thing!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

My last post was in October, a mere 1/4 year ago.  OMG!  Since then so much has happened, and so many fibrelicsious things I have created but not posted.November was a busy month as I worked many shifts as a RN, my serious passion.  December crept up and saw me in Maui celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary for 17 days.  Home on the 21st to an enjoyable time with family for the Christmas Holiday Season.  The new year arrived with exciting anticipation of  a new career opportunity and spending time in my heavenly hole (my studio).  Winter has been cold and long for us here in Arizona North :) But it does make for a wonderful time of indoor creating.  When I was in Maui I visited one of their local quilt stores in Kihei and took a Hawaiian hand quilting course.  It was fun sharing the afternoon with women from Oregon, Washington and Oklahoma.  I must say I never really had an interest in this type of quilting as it seemed very plain and one dimensional to my eye.  But when I visited the quilt store it was so much fun to see the quilt kits all made up with (my weakness) batiks.  I found the use of batik in Hawaiian quilting to add so much texture and appeal to the quilt. Though many fear or dislike such a task as hand quilting, I found it another technique I love.  You can do all the hand work anywhere; watching tv, waiting in the car, lecture.  Since I have been home and back in my studio I have designed and started applique on a new quilt block.