Monday, September 23, 2013

Finished One and Ready to Longarm Another

As previously posted I had talked about posting my daughters quilt once it was completed.
It turned out really nice.  I quilted the entire piece with just a meandering stitch.  It worked really
well with the blocks as it is all little squares and being only her 2nd quilt ever the blocks were not
exactly the same size to use a quilting pattern with.  I really enjoyed quilting it as it makes such a difference if you like the colors or the design of the piece you are working on.
Of course green is my all time favourite colour, so it was sooo appealing to work away at.  I hand stitched the binding on and then set the stitching by washing and drying the finished quilt.
Chelsea was really pleased with it.  I must add that she sewed the entire top with a defective machine.  The tension would not work unless the stitch length was set at 1.  So horribly small stitches were used to complete it.  Totally miraculous that it turned out so nicely.  I did take her out and I bought her a new Brother quilting machine which she was really excited about.  She immediately started on another quilt top which is a baby blanket for a co worker
in a hounds tooth pattern.  I am thinking her favorite colour
is green too since again her chosen color.  This quilt she
quilted on her own with the new machine. She was
intrigued by this diagonal quilting which to me would pose a bit of a challenge.  It will be nice to see once the binding is on.

Ginny from my Cypress Quilting Retreat group has provided me with a beautiful Christmas quilt to adventure with. I plan to do a meander through the colored blocks.  Possibly a string of Christmas lights meander and then in the beige half squares I will quilt repeat Christmas trees.  
Thread is going to have to be monofilament as I do not want to be changing colours multiple times throughout the quilt.  The border and blocks are busy and the beige if  the thread is colored will be too strong.  So monofilament it  will be. I just have to decide if it will be smoke or clear.  I have found the Avante like the monofilament if the tension is set correctly.  
So stay tuned for the finished quilt. :)

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